Animations – Olmíci

During the summer of 2011, I have led the 3D production of TV spots for Olma Olomouc. I was responsible for delivery of six 10-sec animations in a tight schedule of two months. (Yes… I didn’t have much of a summer that year 🙂 )

Animations included four characters designed by Romana Andělová.

Pig Fanda 

Everything is very stylized, which allowed us to do more fun stuff. The whole project, including web page, design and all the stuff connected to it was led by the Zdeněk Nováček, s.r.o. agency, and I’m happy they have chosen me to do the 3D production.

Special thanks to Libor Batěk for the great job on modeling the characters and Josef Kasal for rigging them!

Oli and Otik

Links to the individual spots mentioned above:

Fanda naboří jogurt s Oťasem!
Goooong!!! Květa a Fanda.
Oli s čuníkem Fandou dělají piruety!
Fanda rapuje!
Oli a Oťas skáčou do jogurtu!
Čuník Fanda rozbíjí kameru!

All spots can be seen here:

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