Based in Czechia, I do 3D animations and I’d love to do one for you. You can read more about me, browse the work I have done, or see my résumé. I’m a 3D artist – at your service.

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Jakub Sporek is an experienced independent 3D artist/animator, based in Prague.

Many years in production working in different positions, on different teams and in different studios formed him into a professional with vast experience.

He focuses on delivering great work on time, either as part of a bigger team, or taking the responsibility for bigger projects on his shoulders and hiring other freelancers. He prefers to work at his own desk and Mac Pro with a Maya/3Delight license.

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I can either be part of your team to help produce something beautiful or I can deliver the animation from start to finish, taking care of all the necessary steps – depending on the budget, schedule and the type of project.

Character Animation / Ads

Character animation is what I do best. Either for advertising or TV series.

There is this Zen feeling to it: when you just dive into animating nice characters, watch them come to life and give them a personality. To go with the flow and create some nice action, or touching acting.


Motion Design

Motion design is great for fiddling with undiscovered territories of Maya. Mostly TV Idents/Intros.

I’m always happy to work on new motion design as it unleashes my creativity and I usually find something new. There is this magic to it – just try new things, new approaches and watch something unplanned and (hopefully) beautiful happen.


Personal Works

I also love to unleash my creativity on my personal projects. Not much time for this though – bills have to be paid.

That’s why there is not much there, besides some technological tests and my pride and joy – videos for my YouTube channel KiDS ViDS.



Our cooperation with Jakub started back in 2011 when we started a completely new Czech brand of dairy products for kids “Olmíci” for the biggest Czech milk producer – OLMA. No doubt, there is a significant Jakub’s role in the tremendous success of the new brand. Within 5 years we have done, in close cooperation with Jakub, 27 TV commercials, every single one different and based on an original story. There are plans for a couple more commercials and I’m really looking forward to cooperate again. He is my first choice when it comes to broadcast quality 3D animation.

Zdeněk Nováček, Founder, Zdeněk Nováček, s.r.o.

In my experience, it is always a pleasure to work with Jakub. He is a very talented guy with a positive attitude and he is always trying to push our projects further.
Definitely a nice guy to work with.

Martin Štefan, Head of Postproduction, Eallin Motion Art

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