Maya Tutorial: 01 How to create a sphere in few easy steps.

I decided to write a series of Autodesk Maya tutorials. Very useful ones, obviously.

Let’s start with showing you how to create a sphere in Maya.
(First I thought that I would split this tutorial to more parts, but hey – let’s grab a cup of good coffee and do it at once!)

Step 01: The Maya opening

Open Maya. (Now this is a tricky one as it differs system from system. Find your way to do this.)

On my system it looks like this.

Step 02: The sphere creation

Click Menu -> Create -> Polygon Primitives -> Sphere.
This is also difficult as one can easily click on the Cube instead of the Sphere. Beware, as this would force Maya to create a cube instead of a sphere! And this is something we don’t want to do, do we?
It’s not in the scope of this tutorial to explain, but there is a big difference between a cube and a sphere… please, don’t click the Cube.

Be very careful here. Click on SPHERE.

Step 03: Sphere finalising

If you followed all steps precisely and didn’t miss click at step 2, you now have beautiful little Sphere. It’s also worth mentioning that I had “Interactive Creation” turned off, which saved me a few extra clicks! Speeeeeed.

Behold! A Sphere!

Step 04: Conclusion

If you followed the tutorial carefully, you can now create a sphere in Maya.
Until I write next useful tutorial, keep practicing creating your spheres. If I woke you up in the midnight, you should be able to create a sphere (not cube) in Maya without hesitating.
Thanks for your patience 🙂

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