AZ Kvíz – done.

azkviz opener

This was BY FAR the smoothest-going project I’ve done. It all started with one meeting, where they briefed me with the project and their expectations.

Then I did an animatic – which was approved only with minor comments. After I made desired adjustments, I set up the lighting and shading, rendered the whole thing and send it for approval, expecting the usual ping-pong of adjusting details.

Email, which came the day after is really rare in this business (especially with the project like this), so I’m really happy about it:

Hi Jakub, we like the opener. We do not have any comments.

Yes, that’s right! No comments, everything is great. Wow!

HD render – project done!

Thanks for the great cooperation goes to: Adriana Zajícová and Petr Černý.

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