I can either be part of your team to help produce something beautiful or I can deliver the animation from start to finish, taking care of all the necessary steps – depending on the budget, schedule and the type of project.

Character Animation / Ads

Character animation is what I do best. Either for advertising or TV series.

There is this Zen feeling to it: when you just dive into animating nice characters, watch them come to life and give them a personality. To go with the flow and create some nice action, or touching acting.


Motion Design

Motion design is great for fiddling with undiscovered territories of Maya. Mostly TV Idents/Intros.

I’m always happy to work on new motion design as it unleashes my creativity and I usually find something new. There is this magic to it – just try new things, new approaches and watch something unplanned and (hopefully) beautiful happen.


Personal Works

I also love to unleash my creativity on my personal projects. Not much time for this though – bills have to be paid.

That’s why there is not much there, besides some technological tests and my pride and joy – videos for my YouTube channel KiDS ViDS.