Maya Tutorial: 02 How to create a sphere from a cube

In case you accidentally clicked “cube” instead of “sphere” in the last tutorial, nothing is lost. I hope you didn’t do anything stupid afterwards, had a good long sleep and now you are fresh and ready for another useful Maya advice. I know how demotivating this is…

Anyway, this time we will fix the cube so it looks like… A SPHERE! (Yes, sounds impossible.)

If you didn’t do the previous tutorial, or it went surprisingly well, just please do it again, but this time pretend you WANT to create a cube. At Step 02 click cube.

Step 01: Don’t panic!

Keep calm.

Take a deep breath, go for a cigarette, run or boxing session… whatever puts you in the good mood again. Creating a cube instead of a sphere hurts 3D artist’s feelings, but it’s not the end of the World. Nothing is lost.
Keep reading.

Step 02: Cube transformation

Select the cube. Now there are two ways to do this.

02.1 MeshSmooth

First would be to mesh smooth the cube.
Switch to Polygon submenu (On the left drop down menu) and then click:
Menu -> Mesh -> Smooth.

Don’t miss click here or I would be forced to do another fixing tutorial.

Cube which looks like sphere. Nice, now it’s all good again.

02.2 Smooth mesh preview

This one is more elegant solution. Just press 3 on your numeric keyboard while the cube is selected and… the miracle! The sphere is there. But not just ordinary sphere as in 02.1… it’s still a cube, just in the guise of a sphere!! What a mysterious cube that is now. You can even look that it’s still a cube by pressing 1.
Love it!

Disguised cube. Could you tell this is a cube if you didn’t know?

Step 03: Conclusion

Now you can see, that nothing is ever lost in Maya. Those clever guys from Autodesk left us with many options to reverse our stupid mistakes. Viva la Maya.
I bet you cannot do things like this in Max or Blender.

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